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Pierre GESLiN
Business ENGLiSH Communication Trainer
Formateur Professionnel d'Adultes
Mindfulness MEDiTATiON Teacher (Dip.BSoM) & REiKi Teacher
From International Communication to the Inner Dialogue, Communication at large is my forte.

From journalism (Press, Radio, Photo) to the early days of the Web and today's Social Networks, I have explored and worked with a wide range of communication channels in France, Australia (20 years), The Netherlands, Belgium and the Luxembourg.

Back in Europe I have focused on adult training, particularly on Business English & Communication, totaling well over 7,000 hours of training in a variety of companies - from medium size businesses to international groups (EXXON Mobil, IKEA, BNP Paribas, Faurecia, etc.)- as well as through several training organisations such as Berlitz, the GRETA, a number of CCI's in Belgium, France and the Luxembourg, etc.

Over the years I have also become interested in and have explored the Inner Dialogue, discovering mindfulness meditation and REiKI personal development system in the late 80's.

Today I am a trained REiKi Master Teacher and practitioner as well as an Certified Meditation Teacher (British School of Meditation Diploma) with a special focus on mindfulness based meditation & stress reduction practices and interested in introducing personal development and stress reduction techniques at work and in enterprises.

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English, eBusiness & Communication Trainer/Coach @ www.pierregeslin.com since 2004
SIRENE N° 491 947 263

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- Business Communication, eBusiness & Internet specialist since 1992
- Professional Journalist by trade, since 1979
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